Visceral Games, best known for Dead Space, are the primary developer behind Battlefield: Hardline. Hardline represents a swerve for the series, which typically puts players in the role of the military soldiers across exotic world locations, complete with all manner of high tech tools and weaponry.

Hardline is different. The game revolves around criminals and law enforcement, complete with more objective orientated game modes and weaponry more urban appropriate.

Many fans, including our own Hooksan, are tentatively nervous about the game and what it could mean for the highly venerated Battlefield franchise. Visceral recently detailed their development journey on video.
For a few months now the world has been watching in terror as an unknown virus devastates the city of Harran. Hundreds of thousands have succumbed to the mysterious infection, turning them into flesh-hungry monsters.

In a desperate attempt to contain an epidemic that may threaten the whole human population, international organizations sealed off vast areas of the city, thus condemning countless survivors still inside the quarantine zone to certain death. Deprived of basic resources and constantly threatened by bloodthirsty hordes roaming the streets, these people must use extreme measures to ensure their own survival...

Is it worth writing your own adventure in this setting? read on to find out....
Total Monkery - an indie studio started by ex-LucasArts developer Richard Weeks is set to publish MagNets to Steam in the very near future, and has recently been approved to join ID@Xbox.

MagNets is a frenetic action-arcade game with vibrant graphics and a delightfully deranged art style, complimented by Autechre-like techno beats from an award winning Soundcloud'er.

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Dying Light is now available, or just around the corner if you're still waiting on a physical copy, so I thought I would go into a few of the weapons you will need to survive the game's never ending waves of undead.

There is apparently over 100 weapons in the city of Harran, and they are all customizable in their own way. This sounds incredible and I'm sure we are all looking forward to getting creative with all the toys they are giving us.
Games for gold is always a interesting time for Gamers on the Xbox, as a fresh wave of free games are announced. This month it is #IDARB for the Xbox One. The Xbox 360, has Brothers, A Tale of Two Sons in the first half, and Sniper Elite V2

Check below for a more in-depth look at these games.
#IDARB pits two teams against each other, there’s a ball in the center to fight over and there’s two goals, one to score in and one to defend, sound familiar? However, #IDARB is so much more than a points scoring e-sport, over 4 short quarters you must navigate the ‘pitches’ platforms to gain control of the ball, avoid the other player stealing the ball from you and get into a position to score by throwing the ball into your opponents goal. Sounds easy right? You’re wrong! Say hi to hashbombs.

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Puritanical gamers recently became fearful of rumours that Witcher 3: Wild Hunt would feature 16 hours worth of sex scenes. I know Geralt is a dog, but, jeez. Quest developer Nikolas Kolm took to twitter to clarify, stating that the quotes were taken out of context. In reality Witcher 3's sexual content took 16 hours to motion capture, and that this would not translate to 16 hours of content. Oh lord.
Microsoft have recently posted an intriguing interview with Eric Horvitz, the Managing Director at Microsoft Research. One of the most tantalising excerpts for technophiles such as myself is Horvitz' notion, that Siri, Google Now and Cortana are at the forefront of the next major battle in tech - the battle to forge the worlds first genuinely useful A.I.

Cortana is of course, Microsoft's effort. Whilst she perhaps represents a virtual intelligence more than an artificial intelligence right now, Microsoft have a big vision for the Halo inspired service.

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Mortal Kombat X is taking a swipe at the increasingly competitive fighting game scene in April. In similar fashion to Killer Instinct, MKX has been getting a steady flow of violent character reveals to tantalise fans. This one is no different.

Courtesy of IGN First, we now have our first look at Reptile, a Mortal Kombat staple with acid breath and gigantic teeth. Pretty certain Riptor would smash him to pieces though. Check out the trailer below.
Following the leak of emails from EA's sponsorship program to YouTubers, a second listing has appeared to corroborate that Battlefield: Hardline will be available on Xbox One starting Feb 3rd.

The Xbox Store itself is now touting the date, which can be seen below.

EA are likely to make an official confirmation any time now, I'll update this post to reflect that announcement as and when.
Micro transactions - once the realm of mobile games - have been sneaking into triple A console games for some time now. Mass Effect 3's micro transactions gave you the ability to random roll for loot in the game's multiplayer mode, certainly nothing too offensive. This model has been extended through other EA games such as Battlefield, but again, their effects are largely random and have no effect on gameplay directly, and exist mainly to abuse 'whales' (an industry term referring to a micro transaction junkie).

But, increasingly, micro transactions are affecting gameplay itself, which is an increasingly disturbing trend I believe we shouldn't stand for.

How does RE: Revelations 2 treat micro-transactions?
Far Cry 4 is a game that struggled to hold my attention, but despite what I think, the game has been a resounding success - even garnering a positive review here on XboxMAD.

If you're still hungry to experience the Himalayas, Ubisoft have released the Hurk Deluxe DLC pack, available as part of the season pass or separately. The download includes additional missions available in both single player and co-op, as well as several new weapons - including an impaling harpoon gun.

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Dying Light has had a rocky release, but early impressions of the game have won widespread praise thus far. In case you live under a rock, Dying Light is a parkour heavy first person survival horror by the developers behind the ambitious, but goofy Dead Island.

Whilst we pen our own review, you can tickle your taste buds with the below trailer.
One game that's slipped off the radar for many is Space Hulk: Death Wing. An FPS set in the widely venerated Warhammer 40K universe.

The Warhammer 40,000 universe has for a long time played second fiddle to it's fantasy counterpart when it comes to gaming. Games Workshop are looking to change that.

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First Person Shooters are one of the most ubiquitous game types getting churned out, and that has been the way for at least 10-15 years. From Wolfenstein and Doom through Quake, Unreal, Goldeneye, Duke Nukem, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and Half Life, all the way up to modern hits Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. There is something about the FPS style of play that seems to have an unchanging appeal to gamers.

What does change (or at least evolve) however is the way that these games are presented to us. There has been a fundamental division in FPS games as the genre has developed. For the sake of simplicity in this article I tend to break these down into two sub-genres: Tactical Shooters and Arena/Twitch Shooters.

My view is that FPS are now moving back towards the CoD/Halo style of Arena/Twitch FPS, and Hardline may be the latest victim of that. Read on to see why:
Microsoft are never satisfied when it comes to updates, which is why they've issued a firmware update for our Xbox One controllers to improve wireless connection speed.

At present, connecting an Xbox One controller wirelessly from powering it on can take a whole 4-5 seconds. After the update, you're looking at just 2 seconds. If you turn your controller on once per day, that's a potential time saving of 15 minutes per year. Why? Because Microsoft can.

Hit below for a guide on how to update your controller!
CD Projekt RED recently unveiled the latest build of its RPG epic, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with numerous press outlets around the world. Like yourselves, we weren't invited (not bitter... not at all) - but CDPRED have provided the public with new screenshots and a brand new gameplay video.

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