Minecraft the ... er... movie?

by Bezz Jr on October 21, 2014

Team NINJA just announced that Dead or Alive 5: Last Round has a release date: February 19, 2015 Japan.

Better yet, it's coming at a shocking price of $39.99 MSRP for both physical and digital copy on Xbox One (and PS4) and $29.99 MSRP for PS3 and Xbox 360 (digital version only).

The shocks doesn't stop there -you are able to get a basic free version for Xbox One and PS4 with the ability to fight with gamers that purchased the game.

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During an official Titanfall stream, Respawn debuted it's new Frontier Defence mode for Titanfall. Frontier Defense should breathe new life into the popular shooter, which faces stiff competition from both Battlefield 4's imminent final DLC and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Frontier Defence will pit up to 4 players against waves of increasingly difficult enemy A.I. robots, from packs of exploding suicide Spectres to full blown specialised Titans whose only goal is to stomp on your squishy human body.

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Tis the season to get down with yo’ bad self. 2 big games are now sitting in the Xbox Game store ready to be pre-purchased and Pre-loaded onto your Xbox One – and they are both Music games!

Disney’s Fantasia: Music Evolved and Just Dance 2015 are the two rhythm titles in question and both are a metric tonne of fun.

So if you like to flail your limbs to some rocking beats click on for full details of both!

One of the most anticipated games of 2014 reminds us that it's launch is imminent with this incredible trailer.

Sunset Overdrive's original CGI announcement at E3 2013 failed to ignite confidence in Microsoft's commitment to first party exclusives, but as information trickled out, as gameplay footage emerged, Insomniac's full ambition was revealed.

Sunset Overdrive is a gargantuan game, over flowing with features and depth, complimented by a mesmerising art direction and a healthy dose of insanity. This looks set to be Insomniac at it's best, and XboxMAD is hyped.

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The US regulatory body appears to have certified a new Microsoft accessory, which could be none other than the long-rumoured Microsoft smart watch.

This development follows a credible report in Forbes that an announcement may be imminent for a fitness-focussed, multi-platform device developed by the engineering team who pioneered Kinect.

Wearable computing has the tech world buzzing with excitement, although early efforts from Samsung, Google and others have fallen short of achieving mass market appeal.

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The Battlefield Hardline Beta received a lot of feedback courtesy of the players who got their hands on it (on PC and PSN)/

Visceral Games may of not been expecting such a mixed reception, but that was very much what they received. However the developer promised to listen and take into account everything the community addressed, and according to reports that is exactly what they've done.

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Minecraft the ... er... movie?

by Bezz Jr on October 21, 2014
Finding out that the sandbox indie game Minecraft was getting a movie was a slight shock for a few reasons, but mainly because of what Minecraft advertises itself as; a sandbox with no rules, no story and no goals for a player to accomplish.

This makes me wonder what this film would be about and what kind of film would it be?

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Xbox One's November Update has begun rolling out to dashboard preview members today ahead of its general launch. The update includes some highly desired additions, some of which were revealed exclusively on XboxMAD just weeks ago via The Inner Circle Podcast.

More personalization is on the way, allowing for customizable background images. This feature is currently limited to colors or achievement art, but Microsoft promises more options down the line.

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Rockstar have released an official statement on their webpage to clarify there is absolutely no GTA V PC beta.

Public beta testing has become so common and 'the done thing' that it's almost strange if there isn't one... And with GTA V being so hotly anticipated on PC, people are understandably champing at the bit to get going.

However there is NO GTA V beta, though there are lots of site claiming access to the beta for the small small fee of... just spreading it around Facebook and then downloading a file...

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Ubisoft have released details on the limited Kyrat Edition for Far Cry 4. And it's a little... odd.

Far Cry 4 will ship in November with two different editions available in stores and one Exclusive Steelbook Edition on Ubisoft's online store for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

For those who reserve the game will be automatically upgraded to the Limited Edition for Free. Included in the upgrade is "Hurk's Redemption, a series three-action packed single-player missions where you'll embark on an epic quest to find a rare artifact while using the impaler harpoon gun," for $59.99

The very limited Kyrat Edition is the meat for those hungry tigers who'd like to feast on more than just the game.

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#IDARB is an intriguing game coming soon to Xbox One. Complimented by an innovative progression of crowd sourced feedback, #IDARB also features crowd initiated game play mechanics. Spectators can interfere with in-progress matches using the #IDARB hash tag on twitter or via Twitch streams of the game. Envisage the chaos.

I recently caught up with Mike Mika of Other Ocean to discuss all things #IDARB.

Read on to discover what makes this intrepid game utterly unique. Oh, and Goatse?

REVIEW: Forza Horizon 2

by Liam on October 20, 2014
First of all I want to apologise. This review is somewhat late. When I started to play this game the day before the UK launch, I realised after only a couple of hours I couldn't write a comprehensive review of Forza Horizon 2 without investing some serious time into it... it's massive... IT'S BRILLIANT.

Adopting the winning formula of its predecessor (Forza Horizon), Forza Horizon 2 creates an open world mixture of both street and off-road racing, whilst incorporating a serious kick-ass sound track, all in a festival setting.

The game is set within a huge world recreating a vast area of Southern France and Italy, where the Mediterranean literally becomes your playground. Throw in side missions, car clubs, road trips, collectables, an XP system, perks and hundreds of cars to buy ...and we are only just beginning to scratch the surface.

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Our partnership with The Inner Circle continues to be a fruitful one. I recently joined Lenwood to discuss the awesome Phil Spencer interview, EGX, Windows 10, asynchronous gaming (including any potential Halo Wars sequel) and more!

The Inner Circle has a tremendous line up of content for listeners going forward, and having been granted a sneak peak at their schedule, believe me when I say TiC is on course to become the 1# Xbox podcast on the internet.

Hit the link to take a listen.
Lords of the Fallen was announced at E3 2013, and was something I (Lauren) in particular had been keeping an eye on very closely, purely because of the resemblance to another series of games by Japanese developers, From Software, whose name may be an anagram of Sulks Road.

I was very wary, because I couldn't see how a game such as THAT could be imitated even loosely without being a complete and utter clone.

Still, over the months, we've been publishing all the news we could find on Lords of the Fallen, and this gave us the opportunity to get into contact with PR who invited us to the press event in London.

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When Master Chief said "we are just getting started", I didn't think it was to be taken literally. Master Chief is back and ready to be pre-downloaded for Xbox One, which means you wont have to wait and you can play straight away, or can you?

343 industries have added a massive 20 GB update, and this is after you have already installed a 45GB game, you do the math. (No? okay it’s 65GB).

Responding to a less than courteous NeoGAF post, 343 Industries Frank O' Connor elaborated on what the hefty patch contains. Hit the break for the details!