Indie publisher Ripstone has announced it's bringing yet another eccentric indie game to our beloved Xbox One.

Golden Ruby Games' Extreme Exorcism pits you and up to 4 local players in spooky 8 bit arenas, tasked with exorcising waves comprised of various ghosts and ghouls, culminating in challenging boss fights.

Featuring gameplay mechanics similar to Super Time Force, creating ghostly copies each time an enemy is vanquished, producing increasingly difficult gameplay. The mechanic will incentivise players to ensure their actions are co-ordinated, lest you become cornered by your own chaos.

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This is Halloween, this is Halloween, pumpkins sit grinning at you round the clock, this is Halloween everybody make a steam-... punk textured world in Minecraft.

Get your free Halloween texture pack today, which can be applied to both old saves and new. It's available for both Xbox One and 360, so there's no excuse not to create your perfectly creepy Halloween themed world. Did I mention it was FREE? Now there really IS no excuse.

Also available is the Steampunk texture pack. Victorian era themed which will set you back a sweet 65p or $1.

Both texture packs have themed UI to match.

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Zing zing! Sharpen your hidden staffs and cloak your Inquisitors, as Dragon Age: Inquisition and Assassins Creed Unity are waiting for their new forever home in your Xbox One. As in, they're now available for preorder and preloading.

Ho mama, are we in for a winter season of multiplayer roguish parkour, dragons, mages, assassins, dragons, French Revolution and dragons?!

If you fancy a break from shaking your stuff in Just Dance, or engram farming in Destiny, now is time to raise your flags, put on your epic quest boots and delve into Revolution era France, or Thedas.

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A few of you may remember that back in December we detailed the closed beta for the Crew here. Since then the game was delayed by a month or so for 'quality purposes' (which lets face it, is the best reason, really).

Well, now we have a firm release date of 2nd December 2014, and a second Closed beta will be hitting the consoles, starting November 6th.

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Rocksteady Games have announced the release date for their newest sequel in the Arkham series, with Batman: Arkham Knight:

You will be able to slip back into the Dark Knight's cowl on 2nd June 2015

There is also a collector's 'Batmobile Edition' coming out, with books, a model of the eponymous vehicle and more.

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Prey 2 was announced over 9000 years ago (back in 2011) and captivated fans and newcomers alike with imaginative monster designs and explosive gunplay.

Speaking with CNET, Bethesda VP Peter Hines confirmed that Prey 2 had fallen, erm, prey, to the cancelled games... demon? That sounded smarter in my head.

PREY 2 HAS BEEN CANCELLED, owing to a failure to meet Bethesda's quality standards. UPDATE: Or, is there more to it?

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Great news for all of you Call of Duty players out there, the COD Companion app is back and it's better than ever!

The app is intended for your tablet or mobile device and gives you the option to immerse yourself in the experience on the go.

It contains lots of new features including the ability to team up with your friends and take part in the Clan Wars game mode.

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GTAV on the Xbox One is just around the corner, and with it comes a whole host of bonuses for those of you who transfer you old game save from the Xbox 360 (or PS3) to the Xbox One (or PS4).

A variety of stuff up for grabs will include new items, vehicles and missions. Rockstar stated "the upgrade content is being designed exclusively for the next gen version as reward for returning players, therefore will not be released on other versions.

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343 Industries has revealed new details regarding Halo's online multiplayer ranking system and how it works.

Halo's ranking system for many was the benchmark for the competitive multiplayer and has defined the franchise over the years.

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One of Microsoft's worst kept secrets has finally received its official reveal, and as expected, its a fitness focussed bracelet with cross-platform compatibility.

The band, currently exclusive to the US (grr) will retail for $199 and comes in three sizes, owing to sensors being inside the strap as well as in the watch module.

Microsoft has bestowed its watch with the ability to read emails, texts, receive call notifications (as well as letting you respond), and features some of the more basic Cortana functionality. You'll be able to set reminders, create calendar appointments, and receive Facebook and Twitter notifications.

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Destiny: Fast proving to be the gaming equivalent of Marmite.

But despite the many detractors, the game has a HUGE fanbase...and those many millions of gamers that find themselves in the Tower most evenings are going to be pretty happy to hear the news that Activision has just announced the first expansion pack for the MMFPS - The Dark Below.

Bungie have shared all the info and given us some great teasers to get us excited, so read on for details.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are probably well aware that HALO: Master Chief Collection drops onto the Xbox One on November 11th (worldwide). To say this is eagerly anticipated by the fans of the iconic Science-Fiction franchise would be a fairy major understatement at this point.

Just in case you HAVE been living under a rock, Halo is the premier First Person Shooter for Xbox and this collection, including ALL FOUR of the original games, is being developed by 343 Industries and published by Microsoft Studios.

There has been so much info dropped about what will be included and what to expect, that We here at XboxMAD thought you lovely people would like to see it all in one place!


EA Access "surpassing all expectations"

by Jack on October 29, 2014
Electronic Arts recently held its 'financial conference call' looking for investors on the second fiscal quarter of next year.

During that meet Electronic Arts then went on to announce that the EA Access service on Xbox One is being considered huge a success by the company.

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Plex joins Xbox 360 today with a new app

by Jez C on October 29, 2014
Do you have a boatload of media and no way to stream it?! Well fear not Xbox fans, Plex has you covered.

Plex is an incredibly robust free media server technology, augmented by a wide array of supported platforms and apps. Not to be content with their recent Xbox One launch, Plex has now arrived on the Xbox 360 app store to satisfy all your personal media streaming needs.

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Season passes have, for better or worse, become the norm nowadays. Whilst some developers haven't really offered value for money, Call of Duty has always been quality consistent with post-launch content.

Not only will Advanced Warfare's season pass grant you access to 4 DLC map packs, it will also grant day 1 access Atlas Gorge, a re-imagining of the classic Call of Duty 4 map "Pipeline". Also on offer is DLC weapons and bonus kill streak power ups.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sees the continuation of Microsoft's partnership with the franchise, all DLC will be exclusive to Xbox owners for a limited time.

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