Yesterday Capcom brought us the news that yet another game will be treated to the re-mastered process by announcing DmC: Definitive Edition.

Due for launch on the Xbox One and PS4 March 17th, Ninja Theory's DMC will include additional game modes named “Gods Must Die,” “Hardcore” and “Must Style”, running at 60fps and hitting the so-called pinnacle resolution of 1080p across both platforms.

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EA and DICE have recently revealed that there will be more content for Battlefield 4

Wait a second. 'Final Stand' was supposed to be the last DLC, which was the whole idea behind the naming of the supposed last DLC installment. DICE have also revealed that they're looking into remastering some older maps. These maps are from all of the previous games in the franchise. See Battlefield 4 Remastered Map Voting If you'd like to have a say on which maps get the remastered treatment for you to reign chaos on over Xbox Live and PSN.

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A new version of Windows 10, Microsoft's upcoming operating system, has leaked revealing some new features and interesting UI choices Microsoft is making with it next Windows OS.

Windows 10 could be the unifying platform for every device in your house, from your Desktop PC, to your Phone and even your Xbox One. At the moment the OS is currently in a Technical Preview, which is a version of the OS aimed at PC experts to provide feedback and find any bugs. A Consumer Preview is expected to be revealed in January at a Microsoft press event for Windows 10.

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I have tried to go into Battlefield Hardline blind, but as the internet exists it was way harder than I would like it to be.

Brand new Hardline gameplay has been released by gamer/youtuber Jackfrags and honestly, I’m not feeling it...not even a little bit.

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CD Projekt RED have introduced a new trailer of The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt during this years games awards in Vegas.

A new playable character was showcased during the the trailer called Ciri (The suspected playable character). She is shown running through the forest, possibly from the Wild Hunt, which then cuts to her fighting them off using the “Elder blood flowing through her veins”. The video also gives us a look at the new antagonist “The Wild Hunt” which looks and sounds incredibly cool.

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The developers of Alien:Isolation, Creative Assembly, have introduced some new difficulties to the Stealth Survival game.

After demand from the Isolation Community for a greater challenge, and an easier mode for free roam, Creative have finally relented.

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The Twitch app on Xbox One has just received a well needed major update. The recent update brings in a whole host of advanced broadcast filtering features to help you find exactly what you want.

The app is now able to use real-time gameplay stats with broadcasts, which depending on the game it may include filters for, player skill level, progress and much more.

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Blood Bowl is coming to Xbox One, or rather the second game in the franchise's history is.

Coming straight from Games Workshop's plethora of universes, the violent fantasy World of Warhammer is brought to life with this American Football based game. Coming with a whole host of races which can be modified and have different attributes, you can play from the puny and sneaky Skaven up to the large and brutish Orcs and Ogres. Other races include Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Beastmen that give it their all in this very deep and tactical turn based game where crushing your opponent under your boots is just as important as getting hold of the ball to score a touchdown.

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Killer Instinct is good. Really good. In-fact, it might just be the best fighting game ever made. It stands to reason then that Capcom, a company that has shown itself time and time again to be unwilling, nay, utterly terrified of taking risks has side stepped competing with one of Xbox One's flagship franchises.

The free-fall of Resident Evil from horror supremo to Michael Bay action movie game-tie-in is one example in a long list of Capcom's failings as a games publisher, Street Fighter V marks another in Capcom's descent into irrelevancy.

Before you flame me for fanboyism or mental health issues, hear me out.
2014 has been arguably the most controversial year in video game history. A year of surprises, mis-steps, exclusives, delays, and hits-- so many games released this year. Too many for some. Or what others would consider "challenge accepted". 2014 was the first leap towards what appears to be a bright future for Microsoft's Xbox One and what's in store from the world of video games.

Didn't have time to catch up on all the gaming gossip from the year? Don't know what games to ask for for Christmas? Trying to buy that special someone a game and not sure what to pick up?

Don't worry! We have your back. We've constructed a list of our MUST HAVE games with a short reason on why YOU need to get it. All these game are from 2014 to make it easier on you, the buyer, to find that perfect game for your loved one... but let's get real-- it's all for you!

We present: Xbox MAD's 2014 Holiday Buyers' Guide!
Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth is being turned into a Video game.

The Novel (which is a fantastic read by the way) is set in the 12th century and features numerous different characters over several decades. I will be interested to see how developers Daedalic Entertainment will convert this into a game. Will it be an episodic style of story-telling with a series of chapters, or will it be a slightly more open Role-Playing format? (which I think will be the most likely option.)

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It's never an easy job for Ubisoft's PR team, but with games like Assassin's Creed Unity getting slammed by critics, they've had it especially tough in recent weeks.

They probably hoped that the next game would cause less of a stir, or wished they'd at least catch a break until the next Unity hit the fan. But unfortunately for them, there's no rest for the wicked: Assassin's Creed Victory has been leaked to the world.

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The BBC iPlayer app has been a long time coming, no longer do I have to find another device to get my catch up needs fulfilled.
The app can be found in the 'Store' section and is available to download now, this app comes in at a mere 46.22MB which is most welcome.
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Calling all Project Spark fans and enthusiasts! Tonight our friends over at TiC Podcast will be hosting a special Twitch streaming session with guest developers, prize giveaways and featured gameplay. Your host will be TiC Podcast streamer and Project Spark extrodinaire @Skittle1323, featuring special guests from the development studio over at Team Dakota, makers of Project Spark.

The team will be on hand during the Twich feed to answer as many questions as they can from the Xbox community, so if you have any burning issues you want to bring up, make sure you join the TiC Podcast Twich stream from 8pm Eastern Time/1AM Uk time tonight.

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It's been a long wait for a new Geometry Wars game; almost six years has passed since the psychedelic polygon blaster and former darling of Xbox Live Arcade last graced our screens. It's been so long, that the original studio and Project Gotham creators Bizarre Creations, was shut down in 2011 - four years after releasing Retro Evolved 2. But out of those ashes rose Lucid Games, one of five separate companies formed by ex-Bizarre staff. Along with the similarly resurrected Sierra Entertainment, they've finally brought us a fresh slice of unusually shaped bullet hell. With such a long time to come up with new ideas and a powerful new console to work with, expectations are high, but how does the game SHAPE up?