REVIEW: Destiny (Part 1)

by Jez C on September 13, 2014

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Styx:Master of Shadow is a stealth based action adventure game due for release on Xbox One in October 2014. Coming from Cyanide Studios, the game acts as a prequel to the 2012 release of Orcs and Men.

Based in a fantasy universe, Styx has the player playing for the other side, meaning against the humans. This is a refreshing look at the fantasy genre, given that rarely would the player be playing as a stealth character from this perspective.

Read on for more info and the gameplay trailer

REVIEW: Destiny (Part 1)

by Jez C on September 13, 2014
Reviewing a game like Destiny is difficult for a few reasons. It drags its hype behind it like a giant tumour. Activision's marketing campaign has been skewed by the infamous deal it made with Sony, which handed exclusive rights to the promotion of the game, alienating Xbox fans in the process. Xbox fans have previously voiced concerns that they are the the second-class Destiny citizen. Many of these gamers have leapt at the chance to kick Bungie for it's so-called "betrayal" of the Xbox community, due to the less-than-stellar reviews the game has been getting from some major publications.

Attempting to review the game from a position of integrity is a priority for me, as a gamer, and as a writer, and as such I have decided to split this review in parts, owing to Destiny's massive size and similarly massive ambition.

With that in mind, read on for my thoughts.
Rockstar Games took to the internet yesterday to announce that Grand Theft Auto V will release on both the Xbox One and PS4 on November the 18th. The game will also see a PC release a little later on January 27th 2015.

As a massive raging GTA fan boy this is certainly music to my ears, however that is not all, as Rockstar also confirmed details of what to expect in the 'Next Gen' upgrade along with a swish new video.

Hit the break for more details and video.
Great News! Sunset Overdrive’s Season Pass details have been revealed, bringing the options for more comical destruction against the mutants with this exclusive content.

Drawing back the curtain on the Season Pass, Microsoft and developer Insomniac Studios, confirmed that the Sunset Overdrive Season Pass grants you:

• Two campaign Game Add-ons that each deliver new locations to explore, stories to experience, and bosses to battle. Each of these Add-ons also includes new weapons, new Amps, a new Trap, new character outfits as well as new challenges and Chaos Squad* objectives!
• The Weapons Pack Game Add-on, which includes four deadly new weapons to augment your arsenal!
• BONUS - six character outfits, two Amps and two Traps to use as soon as the game is released

Hit the break for a cool video.
Microsoft trail-blazers Neowin are reporting the emergence of a bunch of new Windows 9/Threshold screen shots from German Winsite

The screen shots give an idea of how the previous rumours of multiple desktops, notifications and the new start menu will work, in addition to windowed charms bar menus.

Hit the break for a looksie.
They said it wouldn't be just a games console, and is seems they were not f*****g kidding. Smartvue who are a company that specializes in surveillance and security technology, have created a security system that works through a network of wireless cameras and the Cloud specifically designed to work with the Xbox One.

The device is currently being touted through KickStarter, where the developers hope to acquire a whopping $180,000 by the October the 6th deadline. Because the technology is primarily using the cloud, you can use a number of media to keep an eye what is happening at your home from a computer, tablet, phone and of course direct on your Xbox One.

Hit the break for more details

Its that time of the month again.....UPDATE TIME. It has to be said since launch Microsoft have done a pretty good job of keeping our shiny new box up to date with a series of system updates that make the UI run like a dream. Long gone are the days (at launch) when nothing seemed to work quite like it should, and now fellow Xbox One owners there is another pretty hefty update due to land in October.

Taking feedback from the System on, and a series of questionnaires on the home screen that the update preview gamers are privy to, Microsoft technicians have gone to work to provide Xbox One owners those very features they have been asking for.

Hit Read More to see what's in the October Update.
Kawaii banner because I can. MVCUK are reporting that Xbox One has debuted at the top of the Japanese hardware charts, shifting 25,000 units. Whilst at first glance this may seem to be good news, comparatively the PS4 and Wii-U respectively sold around the 300,000 mark during the same launch period.

Nobody in their right mind expected the Xbox to take Japan by storm, as natively developed consoles are heavily entrenched in the homeland of gaming.

Hit the break for the full chart listing and some analysis.
As many of you know, Destiny came out officially on Tuesday, and required a pretty hefty Day One Patch.

Weighing in at just under 300MB, the patch made some tweaks and changes across almost every aspect of the game. Some were pretty important (like nerfing that damned spider tank!), while others bordered on the unnoticeable.

Well, if you are interestrd in wading through what makes 'version 1.0.1' tick, click on for the HUGE list.
Great news soldiers!, you will soon be receiving a 'reinforcement' of DLC into the 'battlefield' with, the Final Stand DLC. You will be able to 'bolster your front lines' with this 'inbound care package'... (Stop that- ^HooksaN)

This final map pack sends soldiers to the snowy unforgiving mountain peaks of Russia, which (according to the source) will be reminiscent of popular maps from previous titles, such as Port Valdez and White Pass.

The four maps are Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead, Giants of Karelia and Hanger 21.

Click on for full details and a trailer video!
Uh, well here's something I didn't expect. Several financial news websites are reporting that Microsoft is close to reaching a deal to purchase Mojang for an arguably conservative $2bn. I needn't detail the success of Minecraft, which has been nothing short of a run away success. Minecraft expanded beyond PC to Xbox 360 in 2012, and has become more profitable than the PC version due to dlc skin packs.

Many old school Minecraft fans are in uproar over the notion of the obviously evil corporation buying up an obviously innocent indie developer, whilst other people are scratching their heads as to why Microsoft would consider purchasing Mojang at all, myself included.

Read on for my take on this.

New Watchdogs DLC announced

by Ben Watson on September 10, 2014
Watchdogs developer Ubisoft has revealed the first full single player DLC for their open-world hacking game.

Bad Blood has ten new missions alongside a new game mode which can be played solo or with a friend. Armed security cameras make their debut, letting players assassinate enemies remotely. Players will also be treated to new weapons and perks.

Ubi has described the new missions as “Raucously fun.” Due to the lighter overall mood and new areas of Chicago to explore.

Click on for full details

FIFA 15 demo arrives on Xbox One

by Liam on September 10, 2014
If you head over to the Xbox store NOW you can download a demo of EA's latest offering in there awesome football franchise, FIFA 15.

The demo allows you to play as Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Dortmund, Napoli, PSG, Barcelona and Boca Juniors in a friendly match against the CPU or a friend in local play. You will also be treated to a taste of the Ultimate team mode, which allows gamers to choose their card set-up before trying them out.

Read on for more details
Sega has today confirmed that Alien: Isolation has gone 'Gold' and will meet it's 7th October release date! #YeahBaby!

In this current climate of delayed release after delayed release it is great to see some positive news for a change especially for a game I am eager to play!

And there’s more! Sega also released a new trailer, part one of a series of nine teaser videos, to wet our appetite!

Hit the break to check it out!

Well, it looks like the Japanese Xbox One launch was as underwhelming as many of us expected. However, the real target of Microsoft's push to the eastern markets -China- is still ahead.

Microsoft are making huge efforts to prepare for a Chinese launch. We already reported on the Launch details and deal struck with Chinese internet giant BesTV HERE. We've now heard that the effort includes fully localised versions of upcoming titles like Halo 5 and Sunset Overdrive (which is a big deal).

Its still very early, but initial signs are surprisingly good at the moment for pre-orders.

Click on for more info (and an explanation of what localising a game actually means!)