After a full week of newly released games, some of you will tell me that I drew the short straw by choosing GTA for a second play through, I’m going to tell you why that’s not the case.

GTA 5 is back, and it’s here to stay this time! Rockstar have had a full year to polish the already perfect open world game, and they have got me hooked all over again. Damn you Rockstar!

It’s the same thing again, and I love it. You control 3 characters:

- Franklin, a gangbanger trying to make money,
- Michael, an ex bank robber trying to stop himself going insane, and
- Trevor, well Trevor is Trevor.

Read on to see why it's worth returning to Los Santos.

A few days ago, Game of Thrones fans were treated to a few screenshots from the upcoming episodic adventure from Telltale Games.

Well now we've been treated to a full trailer for the game, as well as some extra info about what we can expect when it drops at the end of the month.

Click on....

BioWare is a company with an almost unparalleled history in gaming, certainly in terms of quality. Knights of the Old Republic is still considered not just an incredible RPG but the best Star Wars game ever released. The Eastern-themed follow-up, Jade Empire, was more of a kitsch title but was still massively well received by gamers.

The Company moved on to the Baldur’s Gate series before bringing us two of the most iconic franchises of all time; Mass Effect and Dragon Age. These series are, in my opinion at least, some of the most spell-binding and engaging stories ever committed to game. Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening together provided a depth of role playing mechanics that were so rich and detailed I didn’t even fully utilise them until my second playthrough.

However, Dragon Age 2 (which incidentally coincided with their purchase by EA) while still providing a gripping and immersive story, was a huge disappointment on the gameplay level. Little in the way of customisation, massively simplified combat and constantly repeated dungeons left many fans wondering if BioWare had lost the touch.

This is the background to my tentative approach to Dragon Age Inquisition. There can be fewer bigger fans of the developer or the series, but at the same time I was stung by the previous title and so my expectations were suitably tempered.

Read on to see whether BioWare have recaptured the magic or snapped their wand.

Do you remember eagerly waiting this time last year for your very own 'next generation' console? I certainly do.
I remember having my long suffering fiancé going down with me to wait in the freezing cold outside our local GAME. I think it was to only silence my constant talk over the subject; after all this was something I had been anticipating for a long time. I'm sure any gamer can relate to that.

I don't think I slept more than 6 hours the next 72 hours. Despite all the childish bickering over social media, it was an exciting time to be a gamer, no matter your personal preference.

So this Saturday, November 22nd, marks the official one year anniversary of Xbox One. I'm sure you can agree it has been a crazy ride, crammed full of some of the most varied and enticing games available. It has been an amazing year, and there has never been a better time to be gaming on Xbox One.

Read on to see how Xbox is celebrating with you, one year on.

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die divided some critics and fans, but similar to other games carrying the mark of SWERY, D4 enjoys a solid cult following and a treatment that not only demands attention, but commands it. SWERY's notorious blend of cinematic eccentricity and unique gameplay certainly leaves an impression, enough so that the Xbox overlords featured the game prominently in the consoles original reveal material.

Despite the initial announcement fanfare, D4 appeared out of nowhere onto the Xbox store, and some fans felt the game suffered under-promotion on the part of Microsoft.

D4 reviewed very well, despite an emphasis on the sometimes controversial Kinect motion controls. D4 is playable entirely using Kinect or controller, tasking you to guide Private Detective David Young through a thrilling supernatural mystery.

We caught up with SWERY of Access Games to discuss D4, future episodes, Kinect, and more in our latest dev Q&A.

Carrying on his current public relations Blitzkrieg, Xbox One king and master Phil spencer let it all out on Twitter this week. He has answered many fan questions and given plenty of information about a few new upcoming games.

He has also given an insight into the relationship with Sony, and his thoughts on the 2015 line up.

Read on for details.

Those of you waiting for the patch promised today by 343 industries to address the 'stability issues ' in the Halo MCC multiplayer matchmaking system (a.k.a. its broken) are going to have to wait just a little longer, according to the most recent post on the Halo Waypoint blog.

Read on for details.

Battlefield Hardline is certainly taking a new approach with their episodic story driven campaign. Rather than playing through a generic 'save the world' type war, you will be in the shoes of Police Officer Nick Mendoza. Mendoza however isn't alone, he has his partner Khai Patroi.

Every cop story needs a duo: you can't have a Starsky without a Hutch, or a Schmidt without a Jenko (21 Jump Street). I certainly hope that they explore the options with the characters and how Mendoza and Patroi work as a partnership.

Well we've now been given a video showing the single player campaign in all its glory.

Click on to watch it

Instead of review each game individually, I'll review this gargantuan collection's merit as a box set. Halo reviews have been done to death. I think it's fair to assume that the vast majority of Xbox fans know all about Master Chief's journey throughout, there's little more to be said on the quality of these console-defining games.

The easiest comparison I can draw to Halo:MCC is that of The Orange Box, Valve's Half Life, Portal and Team Fortress collection of yesteryear, which featured Half Life 2 and all it's expansion content on one disk (or one download). Halo:MCC goes quite a bit further. It includes Halo 1, 2, 3 and 4, all previously released multiplayer maps, and ties all that content together with generally robust systems and polish.

UPDATE: This patch has now been delayed until "later this week" owing to certification issues. Original article below.

My review of Halo:MCC hasn't been easy, particularly because I haven't been able to access parts of the game due to bugs. I could slap my offline review of the game up onto the site, cut the score in half owing to the inability to play online and call it quits, but I feel it would be unfair to the guys at 343i.

I'm currently researching an article regarding games shipping prematurely, laden with bugs owing to lack of testing and stringent deadlines, hopefully some Halo: MCC devs will be willing to comment - more on that soon.

FOR NOW however, 343i took to to offer fans an update on the efforts they're going to to bring the game up to par. Hit the break for more info and an ETA!

It seems almost an age since Battlefield 4 launched alongside our shiny new consoles, and now the end is near to the games somewhat turbulent legacy. Final Stand will be the last installment of DLC for BF4, bringing with it new locations, weapons and vehicles for gamers to pick and choose from.

The 2 minute trailer published by EA is made up almost entirely of gameplay footage, and certainly whets the appetite of BF4 fans awaiting what will be the end to this popular FPS content support.

Hit read more for the kick ass trailer

Game of Thrones, the TV series based on the 'Song of Ice and Fire' books, is described by many (well, by me) as Lord of the Rings meets The West Wing.

Its an amazing (and HUGELY epic) story, and has long deserved a suitable game to accompany it. We were given a game on Xbox 360, and while it was strong on story and offered a lot of background into the world of Westeros, it was substantially weaker on gameplay (a.k.a: 'a bit crap').

Fans are hopeful that these wrongs may be righted by Telltale Games are bringing their own brand of episodic, interactive storytelling to George R.R. Martin's fantasy world. Now we get to have a look at what the game is going to look like in the form of a collection of screen shots.

Click on to have a look.

You may remember some long time ago Rockstar (or more accurately Cara Delevingne on Twitter) revealed that the New Gen version of GTA:V was going to have 150 new songs added to the playlists. But since then they've stayed schtum on the subject.

Well Rockstar have.... continued that silence. BUT a scarily diligent fan has scoured all the live play demos, twitch streams and vids to compile a comprehensive list of all the new music!

Click on for that list.

Sunset Overdrive: Tips & Tricks

by Ben on November 17, 2014
Sunset Overdrive is a wild, open-world shooter which truly brings a new dimension to what could be considered a slightly turgid genre.

With some over-the-top weapons, characters and scenery there is so much to do and see, so it can be hard to work out where to start to get the most of your time in the 'Awesomepocalypse'.

With that in mine we have some tips and tricks to help you out.

Hit the break for more.

Xbox integration on Windows and Windows Phone is a resilient old girl. I was delighted to receive an email this afternoon from Game Troopers, a brand new publisher focussing entirely on Xbox certified mobile titles for Windows mobile devices.

Game Trooper's offers to convert existing mobile games to Windows mobile from iOS and Android, as well as handle the (reportedly convoluted) Xbox certification process. This is a potentially awesome development for Windows Phone fans, as many devs seem to shy away from Xbox integration due to time constraints.

Game Troopers introduced themselves to us with Tiny Troopers - currently available on iOS, Android and Steam. The popular shooter-strategy game is now coming soon to Windows 8 mobile devices with Xbox integration, clearly making it superior to Tiny Trooper's Apply and Googly counterparts. Hit the break for a trailer!